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Company vision: Our Vision is to supply organizations with quality overall, security solutions, by utilizing technology and manpower. In order to achieve this CSS has grown to an extent where it is now ideally positioned to conduct large security system installations globally at competitive rates, and to world class standards. We have expanded our company footprint nationally in order to provide permanent manpower and technical services to large portions of the country. 

Short-term goals: The goal is steady expansion, increasing profits through efficiency and improving staffing quality and compliment through training. Utilizing our International supplier partnerships to forge and maintain long term relationships with a limited number of selected organizations to whom we can provide an exceptional service while attending to their entire security requirement. 

Company values: CSS is dedicated to providing its clients with reliable, effective security systems, with a view to maintain long-term relationships and provide for all the clients security needs through a single service provider. 

Business Structure: Craig Henderson’s Complete Security Services cc was registered as a Closed Corporation in 1994 but operated as a proprietorship for two years prior to this. Up until 2001 Craig Henderson was the only member of the cc. In 2001 CSS merged with Livewire Security Systems a Proprietorship wholly owned and operated by Quentin Clark since it’s inception in 1992. The company has continued to operate as Craig Henderson’s Complete Security Services cc (Trading as Complete Security Services) to date with Craig Henderson and Quentin Clark as members. 

 In 2004 additional growth areas were identified. An additional two closed corporations were formed. Complete Asset Protection cc was established to create a company that provided security personnel to compliment the technology solutions we were currently providing, and Complete Mining Services cc was established to focus on the mining sectors security requirements.

Reason for this structure: This structure was established to give equity to additional management with the required expertise in the sectors they managed. Kevin Smith was employed and given equity in Complete Asset protection and is currently the managing member of this company. 

One of the key factors of our companies is that they are managed by people who have a fundamental stake in the company’s well being. All Division managers work on either equity or profit share schemes.




CCTV and Access Control Integration.



Alarms, Electric Fencing, Gate Motors 

and CCTV.


Gates, Balustrades, Posts, Security Gates, Custom Steelworks.