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Complete Asset Protection (Cap) was established in 2002 when a need for suitably trained personnel in the guarding industry was identified.


By combining Technology [Perimeter protection, Electric fencing, Palisade, Barrier controls, Intrusion detection, Access control, Closed circuit television and asset tracking] with Physical Security [Accredited and suitable trained personnel] Complete Asset Protection is able to supply an affordable guarding solution. 

The current economic climate has led to major increases in fraud and theft perpetrated by management and employees, who take advantage of weak systems and controls. 

The application of specialist skills to co-ordinate the introduction and implementation of cost effective systems and controls is essential. 

Our experienced management team will provide specialist evaluations, measuring and assessing potential risk. Providing the knowledge needed to create and select optimum methods for loss control management and security. 

This includes the performance of companies providing security equipment services to ensure they maintain agreed standards of efficiency. (Access Control Systems, Intruder Alarms, Armed Response, CCTV, Electric Fencing etc.) 

Complete Asset Protection is able to supply officers in various key roles, Residential, Concierge, Retail, Commercial, Schools, Manufacturing and Mining. We are also able to supply trained Canine handlers. 

Cap has a 24/7 manned Security Control room and all sites are in contact via Cellphone and 2-way radio. Cap also utilises re-active and live patrol management systems. 

Complete Asset Protection is also an accredited Employers’ Mutual Protection Service (EMPS) Company whereby all staff is screened via an electronic fingerprint reader for criminal records. This assists in alleviating any possible “bought” Criminal Clearance certificates which also in turn negates the possibility of illegal PSIRA registration certificates. Through this means Cap is also able to Authenticate, Identification Numbers, all forms of education, primary and tertiary, nationally and international, and perform credit checks.

Cap is also able to supply trained Undercover Operatives and conduct extensive in-house or external investigations.


Residential, Estates ,Retail, Commercial, Industrial and Schools.

Specialised Guarding

Concierges, Dog Handlers, Control Room Operators and Mining.

Specialised Services

Investigations, Undercover Agents, Surveillance and Cleaning Services.